The Will: Bend it? Break it? Develop it? What’s a Parent to do?



  • No more going head-to-head with a stubborn child.
  • A deeper relationship with your child.
  • A more peaceful home life.
  • Your child developing character and inner strength.
  • Knowing how to initiate real and lasting change in your child.

In the course, you will learn:

  • to help your child resist temptation and discern between right and wrong
  • specific and age-appropriate ways to build inner strength in your child
  • to recognize and communicate in your child’s love language
  • to understand and communicate the essence of true freedom to your child or teen
  • to empower your child, giving him or her an advantage in character development

FAQs about the course…

If my children are not necessarily strong-willed, would I benefit from this course?

Yes! The truth and principles I teach are relevant and practical for every parent. What you learn will guide you to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your children.

I work with children, but am not a parent. Is this course applicable for me?

Yes! Anyone who works with children will find the course helpful and useful in understanding the will of a child and how to help direct a child to true power of will.

Does this course require a large time commitment?

No, most of the videos are short. You will want to be sure to reserve time to work through the application of the lessons to truly benefit from the course.

Is there homework?

Yes, many of the lessons include a Challenge to Apply. To gain the most from the course, listen to or watch a lesson, then work through the Challenge to Apply pages. If you take these pages seriously, you will gain valuable insight into the situation with your child.

This course is only $45 and includes:

Audio and Video lessons realistic to your busy schedule.

Practical ideas to help you apply what you learn.

Age-specific ideas of how to teach important concepts to your children.

Opportunity to connect through a private Facebook group.

Bonus helps for additional thought and specific ideas to apply…and more!