The Anchor


Recording Your Child’s Pre-Academic Development

for preschool through primary grades

Securing a developmental anchor for your child is the most important part of an early education. The Anchor secures the development needed for learning to take place. This resource provides enough pages for 52 weeks of a child’s life…a full year!

The Anchor lists specific activities which will develop skills in fourteen areas of growth. As children engage in these activities, parents record their observations in The Anchor. The result is a clearly documented record of the child’s growth in areas such as motor, visual, auditory, and social development. A wonderful tool for all parents of preschoolers and children in the primary grades!

  • Large format: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Includes 52 weeks — a full year.
  • Includes a list of the 14 skills necessary for a child to develop before beginning academic work.
  • Equips parents with ideas of activities needed to help children develop those necessary skills.
  • Provides a record of their pre-academic development.
  • Is a valuable tool for ages preschool through primary grades.
  • Purchase one per child or use different colors of ink or pencil for tracking each child’s activities.

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