The Lost Art of Habit Training: Give Your Child an Advantage!

The Lost Art of Habit Training


Group Session starts May 4, 2020!

Limited-time 30% discount!

When you pre-register now for the Group Session, you will:

  • Work through the course with other moms
  • Discuss the content and compile application ideas together
  • You will have lifetime access to the course
  • AND you can access any of the future group sessions, which are planned for three times annually

“My ‘aha moment’ for lesson one came at the end of all my note-taking: realizing that habits ACTUALLY equal FREEDOM for mind, body, and soul. Developing good habits for my family frees my mind from the mental fatigue of taxing decision making, it frees my body from the physical exhaustion of constantly playing catch up to try to ‘get it all together’, and it frees my soul from the emotional rollercoaster of anger and frustration amidst the chaos.”
~ Crystal Partee

In this course, you will discover:

  • How to determine which habit to begin training first.
  • When NOT to work on habits.
  • The secret of how to avoid losing steam and quitting.
  • The key to shorten your list of “habits to learn.”
  • What to do to convince your kids you are on their side.
  • The truth about the power and benefits of developing habits.

Best of all,
by the end of the course,
you will have started working on the first habit of your choice
and have a concrete plan for moving forward with new habits!

Register before May 4 for 30% discount!