Your Guide to Practical & Thoughtful Picture and Composer Studies

Your Guide to Practical & Thoughtful Artist and Composer Studies


Are artist and composer studies intimidating for you?

Don’t be paralyzed wondering how to plan and implement Artist & Composer Studies.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding resources for artist and composer studies? Do you worry about what to do during lesson time? Have you studied art and music in the past, but the lessons seemed flat and lifeless?

This digital guide is your answer!

It takes the work out of researching for Artist & Composer studies and provides multiple lists of resources… PLUS: 40 questions for lesson time to get your students listening and looking with interest.

The resources and activities in this guide will appeal to students of any age. You’ll find yourself enjoying lesson time right along with your kids. Learn together as you look at art and listen to music with an approach that brings these studies to life.

You’ll also receive 2 free online articles that will give you vision and excitement for these studies AND all of the how-to details you need to start these delightful lessons right away.

You can learn even more details about this product here: Do you wish you could start studying artists and composers, but don’t know where to begin?