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Mentoring home educating families in order to instill confidence and bring clarity and peace into their homes is my passion. Let me guide you to discover the missing key ingredient: understanding and addressing the issues of child behavior—development, habits, and the will.

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One Mental Practice Could Change Your Life

Have you ever read a page of print and stopped to think, “Now what did I just read?” This often happens to me when I’m reading non-fiction, and sadly, sometimes when I read the Bible. The mental practice of narration has changed the way I read. Narration is simply telling back in oral, written, or […]

Put a Stop to Quarreling

Arguments among children, which usually result in a hateful exchange of words, raised volume, and sometimes tears, can sap the energy of any mom. Some teaching will be involved, whatever the remedy. Here are five tips to get you started on the journey to a more peaceful home life.

The Primary Planner

The Primary Planner: Recording Your Child’s Development, Training, and Education is for grades 1-3. The Primary Planner guides home educators through the process of intentionally planning for the growth of the whole child— body, soul, and spirit.