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Transform Your Child’s Behavior:
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Susan Chrisman

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Evaluation: Why You Need It & How to Make It Effective

I recently had a request to reprint this article. Knowing how useful this information has been to so many people for the last several years, I decided to make it available to you on my website. These questions will help you look objectively over the past several months so you can use what you’ve learned in planning for the next term or the next year.

Our Favorite Christmas Books: Creating Traditions & Happy Memories

You can make happy, life-long memories without much expense or preparation. Our favorite Christmas memories focus on snuggling up together on the sofa as I read aloud a Christmas book. Here is a list of some of our favorite ones. Another family tradition was a special kind of Christmas list that fostered a spirit of giving.

See Your Strong-Willed Child in a New Light

Years ago I was in the dark about how to respond to a difficult child. I needed light, a new perspective. Learning about the will of my child provided the opportunity for me to open my heart and mind to receive light where I had been walking in darkness. An understanding of my child’s will and how it functions brought knowledge which helped me change my perspective and see my child in a new light.

The Primary Planner

The Primary Planner: Recording Your Child’s Development, Training, and Education is for grades 1-3. The Primary Planner guides home educators through the process of intentionally planning for the growth of the whole child— body, soul, and spirit.