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You can lead your family away from conflict and confusion and direct them instead to transformed behavior and deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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Susan Chrisman

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Why I Recommend You Keep a Book List

Every planner I have designed has space to write titles and authors of every book you read to your children or they read themselves. I have been asked several times why we should take the time and effort to keep the list. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I did not keep […]

How to Guide Your Children to Think of Others

“How can I help my children develop a heart for those less fortunate?” “How can I instill in them a grateful spirit?” “What community service can we do as a family? I have a toddler and a baby in tow.” “What’s so important about volunteer hours? Do these opportunities of service need to be included […]

See Your Strong-Willed Child in a New Light

Years ago I was in the dark about how to respond to a difficult child. I needed light, a new perspective. Learning about the will of my child provided the opportunity for me to open my heart and mind to receive light where I had been walking in darkness. An understanding of my child’s will and how it functions brought knowledge which helped me change my perspective and see my child in a new light.

The Primary Planner

The Primary Planner: Recording Your Child’s Development, Training, and Education is for grades 1-3. The Primary Planner guides home educators through the process of intentionally planning for the growth of the whole child— body, soul, and spirit.