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I believe you can love learning, think deeply, and choose faith, so you may in turn inspire your children and others to learn, think, and believe.

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Would you like to effectively respond to your child’s misbehavior?

Start by understanding the reasons behind his actions.

Join this community to be empowered to learn, to think deeply, and to pursue God, with a passion that will inspire your children and others.

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Want Habits that Stick?

All parents train their children in habits, intentionally or not. You are either passively or deliberately establishing habits, good or bad, in the life of your child.

Because of Jesus – I am at Peace with God

When the circumstance in your life are overwhelming you, have you ever thought God was unhappy with you or maybe even punishing you? I have. During illness, financial woes, relationship struggles, or you fill in the blank, we shouldn’t be surprised at the temptation to doubt.

The Primary Planner

The Primary Planner: Recording Your Child’s Development, Training, and Education is for grades 1-3. The Primary Planner guides home educators through the process of intentionally planning for the growth of the whole child— body, soul, and spirit.